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Exploring the Different Senior Care and Living Options in Canada

By Nickolaus Hayes | 1 year ago
The time will come to discuss and explore senior care options with your elderly loved one or decide to downsize to more manageable living arrangements. There is no doubt that this is an incredibly stressful time for all involved. It's essential to find the right place when you need to decide where to have your loved one cared for. Initially, choosing the right option depends on the individual. Learning all the different options can help you make the right decision and ensure your loved one receives the quality of life they deserve. Start with researching and asking for information from...

5 Signs That Your Loved One May Need An Assisted Living Facility

By Nickolaus Hayes | 1 year ago
Realizing a loved one can no longer care for themselves can take its toll on both the family and the loved one. Guilty feelings are inevitable and only natural. Moving a loved one into an assisted living facility is a difficult decision to make. Many families try to take care of them; however, it becomes strenuous. The quality of life deteriorates as your loved one is not receiving the care and attention they require. Older adults would like to remain independent for as long as possible. Our loved ones will have a hard time realizing that they need assistance, and...

How Do I Talk to My Loved One About Moving Into a Senior Care Facility?

By Nickolaus Hayes | 1 year ago
Deciding to help your loved one move to a senior care facility is not easy. Different circumstances lead to this decision, but it is usually for the best. Talking to them about senior care is tough because moving to a senior living facility is often viewed as a permanent blow to an elder's independence. Most seniors avoid discussing this topic because of the fear of being forced into a senior care home. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to postpone the conversation about senior care facilities as someone gets older. In most circumstances, these conversations follow an accident or medical crisis,...

Five Tips for Maintaining Your Mental Health While Caring for an Aging Loved One

By Joseph Kertis | 1 year ago
Caregiver stress and burnout is a real thing because the demands of caregiving can be exhausting and overwhelming. However, you can take steps to rein in stress and regain a sense of balance and hope in your life to maintain your mental health. Overall, caring for a loved one can be very rewarding, but there are many stressors because caregiving is a long-term challenge. Unfortunately, the emotional impact can snowball over time because you are dealing with caregiving responsibilities for years or even decades. Additionally, many caregivers feel they are in over their heads, and there is no hope that...

How Do I Determine If I Am No Longer Qualified to Manage the Changing Needs of My Aging Loved One?

By Marcel Gemme | 1 year ago
Aging is a fact of life, and it affects every family, and it isn't easy to know the extent to which their aging will affect them or how it will affect us, especially when providing care. Not every senior requires extensive care or help as they get older, but it does happen. When deciding to provide care for an aging loved one, it is usually because you are capable and have the time and resources to provide care. However, there could come a time where you begin to question if you can still do this and if they need more...