Quebec Senior Living and Retirement Living Options

Senior housing options in Quebec include assisted living or long-term care, independent living communities, and retirement homes. When searching for senior living, there are some things to consider. Initially, the first step would involve determining the level of care and working within a budget. The cost of senior housing in the province varies with location, amenities, and the size of the residence

List of Senior Living Facilities in Quebec

Choosing Assisted Living and or Independent Senior Housing Options in Quebec

Aging is a time of adaptation and planning for the future, especially regarding housing needs. Every older adult is different and has different needs. Assisted living facilities, retirement communities, and independent living all mean different things. Many seniors choose to stay at home and age in place, which has the advantage of being within a familiar place. Seniors living at home can take advantage of home care services and make modifications to their home to make it more comfortable. Aging in place is a good option if the person has a close network of family and friends. Also, it is important to ensure transportation is accessible, and the home can be modified to reflect the changing needs. Most seniors who are still living at home do not require any extensive physical or medical attention.

Independent living facilities are any type of housing arrangement designed for seniors. Typically, much of this housing is for seniors who are aged 55 and older. The types of housing vary from apartment buildings, condos, active living senior communities, and homes. Generally, the housing is friendlier to seniors and more accessible, along with being easier to navigate. Residents live independently, and many communities offer amenities, activities, and services. Typically, seniors who are living independently do not require assistance with the activities of daily living. Most seniors choose to live close to the amenities or services they need. For example, this may include healthcare, food stores, shopping, churches, walking trails, and transit. Independent living would be the right choice if you no longer want extensive maintenance and housekeeping.

Assisted living facilities in Quebec are also known as "Résidence pour personnes agées" or residences for the elderly. These facilities are registered and licensed under section 346.0.1 of the act respecting health and social services, which is regulated by the Ministry of Health and Social Services. Individuals within assisted living are able to direct their own care, an addiction to basic security and safety, they are provided meals, social activities, and housekeeping is offered. Assisted living services usually include personal assistance with the activities of daily life. Within the province, a private senior's residence is a housing complex that is occupied by people aged 65 and older.

Determining the proper senior housing needs does take some steps, which is initially determining what the physical and medical needs are. The location and accessibility are essential to consider, especially if you are completely independent; you may want to have easy access to all the services you need. Most seniors choose to downsize because the home maintenance becomes too much, or their social and emotional needs may have changed. Also, financial needs change as someone becomes older, and it may not be feasible to modify your home. It is not always easy for seniors to come to terms with changes in their level of independence.

























Marcel Gemme

Marcel Gemme


on September 7, 2022

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