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Home Health Care

By Joseph Kertis | 1 year ago
Staying in the comfort of your own home can help maintain your independence as well as allow you to stay home longer. It is sometimes hard to accept that you or your loved one requires support. There are several options out there for the extra support needed. If a senior-living facility or retirement home does not appeal to you, then home Health Care may be the right choice for you or your loved one. Choosing home healthcare can be an emotional and confusing process for you or your loved one. Doing your research will benefit the care you receive. Checking...

Assisted Living for Seniors in Canada

By Marcel Gemme | 1 year ago
Assisted living communities in Canada are generally an intermediate level of care, between independent living and nursing homes or long-term care homes. Assisted living facilities serve seniors who can no longer live independently at home but need basic assistance with the activities of daily living. These facilities do not offer extensive medical and nursing services provided in a nursing home. Assisted living facilities are residential communities, and they focus on maximizing a resident's independence. Typically, there is more privacy in assisted living when compared to nursing homes or long-term care. Many of the assisted living options feature individual apartments that...

Retirement Communities and Retirement Living in Canada

By Joseph Kertis | 1 year ago
Moving into a senior living community or a retirement home is a big decision that families and seniors do not take lightly. However, retirement communities give residents freedom from home maintenance, ownership, housekeeping, and even cooking in some retirement communities. Retirement communities are committed to helping seniors age well in a home-like environment, and retirement communities promote vitality and active living. There are many reasons why seniors consider retirement communities, whether it is for the added freedom, amenities, or because it makes financial sense. When considering retirement living, it is important to compare your current cost of living to what...

Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care Homes in Canada

By Joseph Kertis | 1 year ago
Nursing homes or long-term care in Canada is required for seniors and others needing access to 24-hour nursing care and daily support services. Typically, residents are assessed and deemed eligible by social service agencies run at the provincial level. Overall, nursing home care is the best solution for those assessed by medical professionals needing constant monitoring, nursing supervision, or other highly specialized care that cannot be met in their homes or by homecare. Nursing home care or long-term care varies from province to province. For example, British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario fully fund medical and support services in long-term care....

Popular Amenities Offered with Senior Living in Canada

By Marcel Gemme | 1 year ago
Whether it is a retirement community, assisted living, or independent living, there are various amenities provided to residents to maintain a high quality of life. When you begin to sort through the various options, there are a variety of factors to take into consideration. For example, location and cost can be the major ones, but the amenities play a significant role. Leaving your home and entering a senior living arrangement means getting used to many new things. Overall, it is an adjustment, and having amenities available onsite makes the adjustment better and easier. Retirement Community and Independent Living Amenities Retirement...